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Gravatar Module for Joomla!

Gravatar Module

This Module Requires:
Changelog: v1.0.1 - Feb 27, 2023

Gravatar Module Changelog


  • Updated
    Minor code fix


  • Added
    Gravatar Module - First Release for Joomla

Step 1

Install Module

Download the zip file in your account & install the module via Joomla's extension upload.
Step 2

Setup Module

Create a new site module using the Gravatar module and choose your preferred options.
Step 3

Activate & Use

Enable the module, choose a position or use the {loadmoduleid ##} shortcode to load anywhere.

Module Advantages

Instantly add the ability to show your users their universal avatar via Gravatar’s free web service.

Intuitive UI

With simple controls, like border style, size field and custom class options, you'll find it easy to use.

Time Saving

Whether you're adding one avatar position or several, this module will save you time adding them.

Insert Multiple Ways

  • Module Position
  • {loadmoduleid ##}
  • {loadposition xx}
  • YTP Module Elements


Use the module's tabs, such as: "Menu Assignment" & "Advanced" to control the overall options of your Gravatar modules in Joomla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Module Free?
YES! I had this module created to make my life a little easier and if you found it helped you, you can Buy me a drink!
What prerequisites are required?
  • Joomla! v3 or v4
  • YOOtheme Pro v3 (optional)
  • UIKIT Framework (optional)
  • PHP v7.4+
Where do Install this module?

Open the Joomla dashboard and go to:

Jooomla 3: Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Module).

Jooomla 4: System > Install > Extensions > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Module).

How do activate the module?
Open the Joomla dashboard and go to: Manage > Extensions to search and enable the module "System - [MD] Gravatar Module for Joomla".
The Border Options Aren't Working
To use the drop-down list of border styles, you need to either be using the UIKIT framework or have YOOtheme Pro installed. Otherwise you can add your own custom css classes in the field provided.
My Module isn't showing

If you're using {loadmoduleid ##}, replace the ## with your module ID number. If you're using the {loadposition xx} shortcode, replace the xx with the position text.

Also, make sure you have the Menu Assignment set to the page(s) you want the module to load on correctly selected.

There's an error or the Gravatar icon isn't showing
This is most likely due to you, or your user(s) not being logged into your website. The module relies on the email address of the account holder to pull the correct icon from Gravatar. Please make sure your module is loading behind an account wall.

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