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YOOtheme Pro QR Code Element

QR Code Element

This Element Requires:
Joomla! 4             YOOtheme Pro 3             PHP 8.x
Changelog: v1.0.0 - Feb 21, 2024

QR Code Element Changelog


  • Added
    QR Code Element - First Release for YOOtheme Pro

Step 1

Install Element

Download the zip file in your account & install the element via Joomla's extension upload.
Step 2


Activation should happen automatically, otherwise enable in Joomla's plugin area.
Step 3

Create a QR Code

Head to YOOtheme Pro in your website to add the QR Code element and start building!

Plugin Advantages

This element is used to create QR Codes of any kind

Intuitive UI

With simple controls, just add the size, in pixel, add your data, like a URL or text string and a QR Code will automatically be generated.


Use the "Settings" & "Advanced" tabs in the element to control the look, overall design and overrides of your QR Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Element Free?
YES! I had this element created to make my life a little easier and if you found it helped you, you can Buy me a drink!
What prerequisites are required?
  • Joomla! v3, v4 or v5
  • YOOtheme Pro v3 or v4
  • PHP v7.4+
Where do Install this plugin?

Open the Joomla dashboard and go to:

Jooomla 3: Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Plugin).

Jooomla 4: System > Install > Extensions > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Plugin).

How do activate the plugin?
The element should automatically activate when installed, but if not open the Joomla dashboard and go to: Plugins to search and enable the plugin "System - [MD] QR Code Element for YOOtheme Pro" in Joomla.
QR Code Project Options & Details
Using the opensource project "QR Code Generator" by Foundata GmbH, you can create endless options with this QR Code element.

"QR Code" is a trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

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