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RSForm Selector Element

This Element Requires:
Changelog: v1.4.0 - April 3, 2024

RSForm!Pro Element Changelog


  • Added
    Dynamic Source Added
    (Use the number of a form, ie. 10)
  • Added
    Fully verfied plugin with Joomla 5 & Php 8
  • Changed
    Refactored some old code
  • Removed
    Extra empty edit button


  • Added
    Added to
  • Added
    Plugin automatically enables once installed
  • Added
    Verifies RSForm component is installed
  • Added
    Verifies Joomla 3.7+ is installed
  • Added
    Verifies YOOtheme Pro is installed
  • Changed
    Update Link change to
  • Changed
    Updated Icons
  • Updated
    Code cleanup and some files condensed


  • Changed
    Changed the element's YOOtheme Pro group from "Custom" to "Modern Designs"


  • Fixed
    Updated so RSForm!Pro v3 forms are show when saved or added


  • Fixed
    Updated to work with RSForm!Pro v3+ with new FormName changes


  • Fixed
    Edit button link path updated if used on a localhost


  • Fixed
    Update Link


  • Removed
    Old element settings
  • Changed
    Update Link Updated


  • Fixed
    Edit Button
  • Added
    New Icons


  • Added
    RSForm Element - First Release for YOOtheme Pro

Step 1

Setup RSForm!Pro

Install and activate the RSForm!Pro component
as well as the RSForm!Pro Content Plugin
Step 2

Install Element

Download the zip file in your account & install the element via Joomla's extension upload.
Step 3

Activate & Use

Enable the plugin in Joomla's plugin area, then open YOOtheme Pro to add your new element.

Plugin Advantages

You NEED this plugin if you want to save time and energy when embedding RSForms in your YOOtheme Pro website.

Intuitive UI

With simple controls, like a drop-down list, you can quickly choose your form by title. The RSForm ID is also listed for reference.

Time Saving

Whether you're adding one contact form or managing hundrends of RSForms, this element will save you a lot of time inserting forms.

Edit Link

Built right into this element is a edit button that will quickly open a new tab to edit your RSForm in wihout leaving YOOtheme Pro.


Use the "Settings" & "Advanced" tabs in the element to control the look, feel, overall design and overrides of your form container.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Element Free?
YES! I had this element created to make my life a little easier and if you found it helped you, you can Buy me a drink!
What prerequisites are required?
  • Joomla! v3 or v4
  • YOOtheme Pro v3
  • PHP v7.4+
  • RSForm!Pro v3
  • RSForm Content Plugin
Where do Install this plugin?

Open the Joomla dashboard and go to:

Jooomla 3: Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Plugin).

Jooomla 4: System > Install > Extensions > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Plugin).

How do activate the plugin?
Open the Joomla dashboard and go to: Plugins to search and enable the plugin "System - [MD] RSForm!Pro Selector For YOOtheme Pro" in Joomla.
Some of my RSForms are not showing
Open any published RSForm and click "Save & Close" you may also need to make sure your cache is cleared.
What does the number mean in the parentheses?
The dropdown shows the title and the form id. For example "Contact Form (5)". "Contact Form" is the RSForm title, where "5" is the RSForm ID number.
After Upgrading The Plugin, Forms Are Not Showing
All I see is "GO TO RSFORM & SAVE ANY FORM TO SEE YOUR FORMS HERE" after upgrading the plugin and running RSForm v3+.
To fix this issue, via ftp, go to: (and delete the file "setup").
Now go to any RSForm and save and close to fix this issue.

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