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PayPal Smart Buttons

This Element Requires:
Changelog: v1.1.0 - Jan 31, 2024

PayPal Smart Buttons Changelog


  • Added
    Item now shows in checkout and payment receipt as a line item to identify the purchased item(s)
  • Added
    Verfied Joomla 5 install and operation
  • Updated
    Allows symbols, spaces and additional characters to the "Unique ID/Name" field
  • Removed
    Removed obsoleted & old code


  • Added
    PayPal Smart Buttons Element - First Release for YOOtheme Pro

Step 1

Create PayPal App

Add a new PayPal app in your account and chooose "Merchant". Copy your Client ID & Secret codes.
Step 2

Install Element

Download the zip file once paid for and then upload & install the element via Joomla's extension upload.
Step 3

Activate & Use

Enable the plugin, add your Client ID & Secret codes. Open YOOtheme Pro to add your new element.

Plugin Advantages

Create a simple, fast and easy way to take PayPal payments directly on your YOOtheme Pro website!

Intuitive UI

With simple controls, like a drop-down list, you can quickly choose your PayPal button layout.

Time Saving

No need to install and manage a whole ecommerce component or other software.

400+ Variations

Built right into this element is over 400 option variations to style and design your PayPal buttons.


Use the mutiple tabs in the element to control the style of your PayPal Smart Buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This a Paid Element?
YES! I did my best to make this element simple and easy, but also very affordable.
What prerequisites are required?
  • Joomla! v4 or v5
  • YOOtheme Pro v3 or v4
  • PayPal Developer Account
Where do Install this plugin?
Open the Joomla dashbaord and go to: Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File > Then Upload & Install The Joomla Extension (Plugin).
How do activate the plugin?
Open the Joomla dashboard and go to: Extensions > Plugins > then search and enable the plugin "System - [MD] PayPal Smart Buttons For YOOtheme Pro" in Joomla.
There's a Blank White Pop-up
Open the Joomla dashboard and go to: Extensions > Plugins > then search and enable the plugin "System - HTTP Headers" in Joomla. Next, go into the plugin, and make sure you have "same-origin-allow-popups" in the Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy dropdown.
The Element Is Not Showing
Make sure the plugin has the correct "Live" or "SandBox" options selected that match your "Client ID" & "Secret"

Choose a Plan

PayPal Smart Buttons Element
6 Months

Works with Joomla! 4 & 5
YOOtheme Pro Element
Updates for 6 Months
Unlimited Websites
Personal Priority Support

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